Is the service limited to a single item?

No it is not limited at all. With our service you can protect as many items as you want!

Is this service expensive?

Certainly not. This service will cost you no more than a new umbrella.

Must I register all my belongings?

Not at all. You don't have to register anything. Your code is linked to your personal page and the code on all your belongings automatically refers to this page.

Is the service connected to a carrier?

No, it is not. It makes absolutely no difference whether you are travelling by plane, by boat, train or bicycle; your belongings are protected all the time.

Is the service limited to a country or continent?

No, this service is global. No matter where you live or wherever you travel. And it does not matter whether your belongings are found around the corner or at the other end of the world. As long as your property is secured by our service, it can always be returned to you.

Can I use this service for fragile items?

Absolutely! It can be used on any item you don't want to lose, as long as it has a flat surface somewhere of approximately 1 cm2, or the possibility to attach a textile label to it.
So it is even possible to safeguard (the collar of) your pet.

So I will never ever lose anything again?

We're sorry we can not avoid you leaving your luggage in the train. Or preventing your bike from being stolen. 
But as long as there are honest people who want to return lost property, our service will help you to recover lost goods.

Is there a minimum number of users for this system to be effective?

Actually there is no minimum. Even if you would be the only user, the system works as soon as someone scans your lost property.

Can anyone see what I lost?

Absolutely not. Our service is strictly discreet and anonymous.

Does the finder need to have an account too?

No, anyone with a (free) QR scanner can scan your code and send you a free mail/sms.

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