According to Wikipedia 1 in 150 travelers lose their luggage. It either gets misdirected or lost by carriers (airline, shipping, bus or trains) or travelers leave their belongings behind when leaving a vehicle.

In air travel in Europe alone 360,000 suitcases get lost every month.


Suitcases are often labeled with the address of the owner. But what good is it if your suitcase is returned when you just arrived at your holiday destination?
Moreover, one does not always  want their  address visible to everyone. Every baggage handler that handles your suitcase, knows your home is unattended ......

And that is only about suitcases. What about backpacks, cameras, laptops, tablets, umbrellas, key rings, wallets, phones, bicycles, expensive pens, books, skates and skateboards, strollers, tools, your fishing rod, guitar, sports equipment or camping gear? Even prosthetics have been found in trains before!

According to the European aviation organization most missing luggage is detected and returned to the owners without too much delay. Luggage that has been waited on for more than 3 weeks, is officially called ‘missing’. When owners never show up for their luggage, carriers will often organize auctions to get rid of them.

Even if you do receive a (limited) compensation for your missing luggage, you could still wonder who is wearing your swimsuit, or taking pictures  with your camera, or playing tennis with your racket. Or ......

You don't want that to happen! You just want your stuff back. And at the place that you are residing at that moment.

With the global service Return To Owner, you can.

The Solution

After online registration you will receive a QR code. You may print this code as often as you want on sticker sheet (or plain paper) and attach them to every item you don't want to lose.

After registration you can also order professionally printed labels.

  • create an account within two clicks
  • all we need to know is your mail address
  • no need to register your belongings
  • no nonsens, no hassle

What happens if you lose an object with this code?

Imagine you leave your backpack (with a QR code) in the train. The code on your bag leads the finder to your personal web page. Absolutely no personal details are visible. The finder can only report what has been found (your backpack) and specify where your property is.

The finder fills in contact information (mailing address and/or telephone number). With the "Submit" button all information is delivered to your e-mail address and in an sms. Your details are not mentioned. You remain anonymous until you decide to respond to the received mail/sms. What happens then depends on your decision.

You could agree on picking up your backpack at the finder’s residence, living around the corner. Or perhaps you arrange for your backpack to be sent to your holiday address. This way you can feel confident and enjoy your vacation, knowing that your precious belongings are on their way to you.

Probably The Best Solution

Easy, fast and
without disclosing your identity

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