This great service costs only € 19.95 a year.

Upon receipt of your payment you receive your own (unique) QR code. You may print this QR code on paper or stickers and attach them to all your belongings. It's also possible to order professionally printed labels.

There are three types of labels available:

  • polyester; a strong self-adhesive sticker that can take a beating. The QR code can even be scanned after the label is rubbed against. Therefore perfectly suited for suitcases and the like.
  • nylon; a strong self-adhesive sticker that also attaches great on a surface that is not perfectly smooth. Ideally suited for backpacks, sheaths etc..
  • textile; an adhesive label for garments and cuddly toys.

After activating your account, you will automatically get access to your personal web page where you can keep your data up to date. Furthermore, you can order labels here (if desired).

Complete the form to create an account. Check 'Spam' or 'Junk-mail' if you don't receive a response 5 minutes after signing in.

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